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To you, 17-year old Cody


Each morning we check in

in a circle we sit

we shoot the shit

we state where we are at

so we can clear the path to where we are going

so we can clear the path to the part of our journey that will take place today.

“I feel tired”

“I feel happy”

“I did not finish my homework”

On Thursday morning you, 17-year old Cody, said

Today I do not feel complete.

and you went on to say why.

all eloquent and concise.

And I learn that it is not my job to make

you feel complete.

I think to myself of what stops me from feeling complete - of my boundaries, my hard lines, my fears.

No, it is not my job to make you feel complete. It is my job to learn from you how to rearrange my own boundaries, reorganize my own hard lines into rungs as I rise to my own completeness.

And that is why I say to you, 17-year old Cody, thank you.

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Re: think



This is likely the first post I have encountered on of substance.

for real.

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